Indian Child Welfare

201 South Muskogee Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

Court Advocacy and Permanency Services

Court Advocacy and Permanency Services (CAPS) provides court advocacy in the tribal and state systems for children and families. This advocacy is to help ensure that Cherokee children and families get the protections offered under the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act as well as any protections offered by the various state Indian Child Welfare Acts. Court and Permanency workers attend court hearings in person or by teleconference to be a voice for Cherokee Nation in the protection of Cherokee children. This unit also provides the planning and linkage to services necessary for families who are working to correct the problems that caused the initial removal of their child. This service is offered for Cherokee children nation-wide, regardless whether or not they reside in Cherokee Nation jurisdiction.

Court and Permanency Services are divided into the following units.

Tribal CAPS

Tribal Court Advocacy and Permanency Services provides hands-on services to protect the best interests of Cherokee children and families.

State CAPS

State CAPS provides services to Indian families that are involved in the state court system within the Cherokee Nation reservation.

Out-of-District CAPS

ICW also monitors court cases outside the Cherokee Nation reservation that involve Cherokee children in the foster care system.